Year 2020 began just like any other year with January being cooler but spirits still higher
February came and we heard of a thing called Corona that seemed distant and life went as usual
Then came March and the news we all dreaded something unprecedented and unheard happened
A virus most foul escaped stealthly from the land of dragons creating mayhem all over
One by one country rich and powerful, poor and developing all got snared in her deathly hallows
Isolation, social distancing, lockdown failed as nothing can stop virus from traveling far and wide
Devouring millions of victims with an appetite that's gargantuan and frightening
Governments, researchers, scientists proven powerless to rein in the foe like the world never saw
There isn't a medicine, vaccine or magic potion that works against the scourge
The pandemic is like a virtual messenger of death sent on a purpose to teach the world a lesson
It's time to pray and ask for His forgiveness for the cardinal sins we committed aplenty
He is the only one who can save us from a contagion called Corona

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Our world
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