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The bright pink walls were painted over with gray, Animals, dollls, all thrown away. I lock myself up in my one room castle, Avoiding my family, my chores, my hassels. I hear my mom say "we never see you anymore!",
People come and go. That’s something I didn’t know. We change We grow We can’t say no. We are not the same as we were before
As a child, I thought things were mundane and simple But everything changed the day I got my first pimple. A mix of depression and hormones, I thought of naught Except for the notion that happiness can't be bought.
I have Black Girl Magic running through my veins,  It’s a type of magic that can’t be contained,  It’s a crown that’s on my head,  It’s a crown that I wear every day, even to bed,   You see, 
I knew I grew up Aftrer I blew up.    In high school, allergies stole my thunder.  It made me wonder.  How to get out from under.  This difficult condrum.    It was ruff.
Yellow bus turns the corner Standing alone on the shoulder My hands are sweaty, My heart feels heavy I sit in crowded rooms with my peers Flash forward a couple years Find myself filled with glee
Growing Up. Rooming away from home, On my own for the first time, Wondering "What I need to do?" I start making friends,
Your world was in flames and mine caught fire Now I'm dealing with the fact that you aren't here, I'm so tired Of figuring out what went wrong and why we had to say goodbye
  At sixteen, I got my first golden ring, The reality of my situation was enough to tap onto the outer providence of my brain. It never occurred to me that I was growing up.
Young I was, Innocent I was too, When I realized I was more mature than those in my year Isolation came first, loneliness on the playground. The awkwardness at the lunch tables.
The moment I enter the store and you see me, suddenly you assume that I have to be African American just because of the color that is reflected in my skin and you continue to assume ......
I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my Downs I’ve had my bumps and I’ve had my Frowns As a child I was innocent, creative and  Playful I had lots of friends, toys and just Able
Where are the pleasant disruptions? The ground shaking thumping of footsteps upstairs The harsh noise of fighting cats The rhythmic knocking on the door daily
10/24/2018 Dear Depression,  
When you’re sleeping I sometimes lay my head on your chest, You’re always so busy. These are the times in which I indulge on the symphony that is your heartbeat, My little crusader it pains me that this you won’t remember.
My RAGE, with the degrees of a thousand Hiroshimas, ERUPTS! reverberates, reverberates, reverberates,  up and down the chords of my body.  Strummed by the unwarranted jab from kid.
Bitter sweet, no more peace are born naive, watching leaves flutter down, through the trees there's no more trees, only paper paper, work 8 hours... for that paper.   
Things seemed to have changed since that time long ago, 
Things seemed to have changed since that time long ago, 
When I was twelve I asked my mother if I could go bungee jumping. She said NO. But she let me go paragliding. I took the chance.  
I sit there at the lunch table with my friends Listening and smiling Inserting the occasional comment to make the others laugh Never stop smiling “Never have I ever” they began
Young ages are the worst. So many bullies, so much teasing, And no one is there to tell you the truth about your body.
Growing up is a scary thing You don't realize how fast time flys As a little girl, I would say I can't wait to grow up Now that I'm 17 and going to be going off to college soon  I say where did the time go 
The first step in growing up just starting. You are pushed into it, like you push yourself into the front seat of the car Adjusting the seat,
I am crying I am cold I am in my mother’s arms I am born   I am crying I am clumsy and fell I am picked up by my grandpa
As I get older I'm starting to see, That my focus should not be primarily on me. Self-gratification leads to stagnation. And as I get older I'm starting to get, It's worthless spending hours on the net.
Braids   Over, under, over, under Such a simple task, so it sounds So what is the issue, you may wonder?
"9-5" by Julian Crockett   Sometimes Life feels like a drag I think I’d rather do without Sometimes everyone’s a nag I’ve gotta find a way out  
18. Out of high school knowing nothing of the real world. Last minute decisions and impending responsibilities, moving and leaving home. These are the thing that made me who I am today.
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