"Could it be"

The moment I enter the store and you see me, suddenly you assume that I have to be African American just because of the color that is reflected in my skin and you continue to assume ...... but the moment I speak that beautiful Spanish that my parents raised me talking, you get surprised and without saying or doing anything, you act as if you did not say anything, and forgetting that you almost completely erase my nationality and my culture

Could it be, Could it be
By the way, my long dark curls lie on my skin
Or could it be because of the way my skin shines against the sun
Maybe it can be the way my body can have a muscular figure

But at the end of the day, that way in which you describe me is the same way in which everyone looks at me, and the way that quickly without thinking for a second you assume that I am African American and you steal my identity and the pride of being Latina

And make no mistake, in no way am I saying that being confused as an African-American is a bad thing, on the contrary, I am very proud of my African roots because it is not something that can be denied, that is the way in which my ancestors painted it on my skin

Their pain, their sweat, are painted on my skin and it is something that I can never deny but on the contrary, it is something that I always have to contemplate and adore

Could it be, Could it be
That the color of my skin drives you away
That my hair fills you with curiosity and makes you want to touch it
That my bright and smiling face can make you hate me

Not to me
I, I love my skin
I love the way my long dark curls lie on my skin
I love the way my skin shines against the sun
I love that the shape of my body is firm and healthy

The next time you see me, think twice before assuming something so quickly, and kindly ask before you assume.

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