Young ages are the worst.

So many bullies, so much teasing,

And no one is there to tell you the truth about your body.

Your body is always your biggest insecurity, but is always growing.


Some things are out of your control,

Like the weather, What your mom makes for dinner,

or even:

When you hit puberty.


My friends grew breasts and all had periods 3 years before me,

And so did my twin sister, so my body was constantly compared.

It bothered me that I was teased and left out, It would bother anyone.

But I told myself, you’re still growing.


Things turned around,

But little did I know that:

Old ages were the worst,

Growing is my biggest insecurity.


When I finally got boobs and hit puberty

It gave me a short period of confidence.

But who knew you could be insecure

About things you always wanted.


As I continue to get older

I always remember,

Loving and accepting your body’s changes,

Continues the growing that no one can be ashamed of:

Your Happiness.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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