The Game of Life.

People come and go.

That’s something I didn’t know.

We change

We grow

We can’t say no.

We are not the same as we were before

Once small children, eating paste and playing games

Little did we know we were in one

The Game Of Life

And our role was to grow.

I had no idea I was growing

I considered my youth as a permanent bestowing

I didn’t realize I was growing taller.

I didn’t realize the younger kids had gotten smaller

As I stood and walked above them.

To my mind, I was just like them.

The years went on and I still felt that way.

But for some reason, I found myself not being as gay.

Problems occured and got in my way.

I became stressed and saddened by the conflicts I had to face.

Issues that had never occurred to me when I was a small child.





The younger version of myself would have never predicted that I’d be here.

Crying in sorrows.

Overthinking about tomorrow’s.

It was then when I realized I was no longer a child.

For children do not worry about the future.

They do not fake their smiles.

They do not compare themselves to others

Children do not hide in the corner to cry.

For children are far too bright.

But somehow, I learned to fight.

My troubles made me stronger.

They encourage me to work harder.

It’s crazy how much we change.

We all grow up and are never the same.

And it’s all part of the game.

The Game Of Life.


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My community


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