Your world was in flames and mine caught fire

Now I'm dealing with the fact that you aren't here, I'm so tired

Of figuring out what went wrong and why we had to say goodbye

'Cause now my life is an empty shell and I'm struggling to care or try

You went too fast

Don't go so soon!

I was just starting to trust you

The clouds are darkening, grass dampens

"I'm sorry dear, these things just happen"


If you only looked up and saw that you were free 

The chains are off and the world is everything you thought it could be.

I'm just sorry I wasn't the one to teach you that

I could've been your light, no denial, that's a fact

Instead, I just put you on trial and backed you right into a trap

There's nothing I could do?

How about not torture you till you were blue

How about saying how much I love you

...And not push you away with all my hate till you didn't know what to do

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