Never Have I Ever

I sit there at the lunch table with my friends

Listening and smiling

Inserting the occasional comment to make the others laugh

Never stop smiling

“Never have I ever” they began

The game detested by hundreds just like me

A way to brag about the experiences you have, and others don’t

A way to lie about what you’ve done and how grown up you are

The irony in that statement

Kids want to grow up and adults want to go back and be kids again

“Never have I ever…given someone a blowjob”

Good god

When have the words “never have I ever tattled on someone”

Change to blowjobs

We all giggle. Some put their fingers down slyly

Oh how promiscuous of them when we all known the only penis we’ve seen is through porn

“Never have I ever…”

Insert giggle her

“Never have I ever smoked”

More fingers go down

The one girl who always puts a finger down exclaiming that we are trying to

make her “lose” since she’s so worldly and mature

Insert eye roll here

The game continues, going around the circle twice before, finally, a victor has been declared

The teasing begins

“I can’t believe you did that!”

“I didn’t know you were fucking him!”

Someone turns to me

“You only put two fingers down?!”

One for leaving the country

The other for embarrassing myself in front of my crush

“You’re so innocent!”

Insert more snickers here

When has smoking weed or admiring someone’s genitalia become the norm?

When did we move away from Hot Wheels and Barbies?

Lunch bell rings

We all get up

Kept the smile on my face

And wait for the day to end so I can repeat it all over again

Old friends, new drama



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