glow up

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In the begining there was only us  3 girls, and a girl suddenly a mother  She raised them on her own  Learning do's and don'ts  More X's then checks on her list of raising kids  We leaned on one another 
To wake from your sleep With groggy, foggy eyes And to know of what you dream 'T is something you keep.   To wake from your daze Listening to the voices I notice those faces
The Shorter Days   Sitting in a classroom, Staring at the clock; Why does the day feel So long?  
Being a kid is fun, it’s a blast too bad it doesn’t last once your in high school and college then you’ll learn you wish you were back your childhood, yes you’ll yearn One must make this life last
I grew up,  learning that there was more to life,  than sitting down watching sonic on saturday nights.  I grew up,  at the age of 10, when father thought he should play pretend,
I reienvented myself a couple times in high school I had been a "good girl" But being a rotten apple started to feel pretty cool However, my grades made me see that was not the right thing to be
She came into herself  By picking up the pieces of who she once was;  The pieces she once thought she had to leave behind.   She started with her kindness, 
I was a little kid, just yesterday Eating food at my favorite Tex-Mex place I would sit in the booth as the waiter would say “Hey sweetie, what would you like today?”
People, humans, mankind A bit of a mystery, so it seems After a bit of growing up you think there’s nothing to redeem On the outside looking in, it may appear that we have it all together
when I was five, I fell out of love when my parents divorced when I was 7, I fell back in when I met a boy in the first grade I fell in love when i was 12 with a band,
When you first find yourself faced with the reality that you’ve “grown up” You end up stumped with what you are expected to do. Regardless of the fact that I spent my formative, adolescent years
My glow up is when I'm the best me The best me is who I ought to be I can be on the outside pretty But who am I? What do I see? A caged animal? Or someone free? I'm the best me when I'm happy  
Nothing moves as fast as time, As just yesterday I was a little kid. 6th grade I was quiet as a mime; Now made it through 12th without a lid.  Personalities can go through a certain range,
  When I was younger, I would dream of sleeping on cotton candy clouds while the breeze kissed my hair and fulfilled its duty of safekeeping
A lot throughout high school, I've heard the phrase "You had a glow up". I'll get on Instagram and see a #ThrowbackThursday with a comment that said "Glow up queen" I've even said it a few times. But what does it mean?
I was four when it happened. Locked in the bathroom, hugging and sobbing together while the police were outside trying to keep my parents from not being in the same room together.
Princesses are perfect, they glitter just so At least that’s what I thought, at five years old   I wanted a knight, who gleamed and shone To climb up my tower and carry me home
I remember when I could singunafraid of how I sound. I remember when I could flyunafraid of the hard ground. 
When I was younger I could not wait to grow up I would see all these people and admire their glow up Little did I know that it was all trap Because just when I hit 18 there was no going back
“forget your perfect offering just ring the bells that still can ring there is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” -Leonard Cohen  
The morning after his mother passed Into some great valley of comfort and stars My father sat by his computer. “Listen to this song,” he told me-- Like so many times before--
This 'Glow Up'   It wasn't started with a filter, or a grand weight loss journey. It started when life got hard.   Give up your toys, happiness doesn't meet reality.
We all grow up, but we don't all glow up. Some of us just need to take responsibility and show up. Helping others by learning about the injustices, we get woke up.
We all grow up, but we don't all glow up. Some of us just need to take responsibility and show up. Helping others by learning about the injustices, we get woke up.
sixteen Lips on lips, never felt more sure, that I'd give myself up and make me your own. The sunlight could not compare to the glistening specks of hazel;
Open your bible, pray for forgiveness, tell him your sins, the lord is your witness. We are all children of God with free will; we are family, you know. Then why in the definition of religion is the word control?
  I hadn’t realized I had grown. I feel mostly the same. I look mostly the same. But I think something has changed.  
Now that I'm a "grown-up," it's time for me to go to college. College is a canyon of mountainous buildings, each marked with a letter of the alphabet, Each made up of halls, upon halls, upon halls, upon halls...
It be like that You recognize you hear more than you see That life is fraught with He said she said
When I realized our Mother is warming When I saw the polar bears on National Geographic dying When a man in glasses at the U.N. said time's running low
I’ve never liked to drink milk, granite I’m lactose intolerant, I’ve never liked to drink milk. I was always told that milk will give me healthy bones and a pretty smile,
There's a line between boy and man. Not a line on the face or a furrow in the hand. The sides are divided but only thinly so, borders knocked down by what you do and know.
A cold winter's morning And there stood I Facing my future Eye-to-eye   My rose-colored glasses Had lenses shattered My destiny uncertain My dreams tattered  
  0.   Light, air, the world itself. All new. Words have just been spoke, and movements being learned.
 0.   Light, air, the world itself. All new. Words have just been spoke, and movements being learned.
There were always those small moments: The first time I drove myself to a friends The first time I told my mom I was going to be my friends’ DD
Looking up at the bright blue sky,  My two best friends next to me,  Eating ice cream with the sweet sound of the ice cream truck in the background Talking about middle school, clothes, the future,  Looking back, 
Smoldering, burning, turning Take it out start hammering, shaping and cooling
When I was only four I had no worries in the world I was always told that one day I would grow old and perhaps get ahold on some gold Now that I've grown  I know there's more to it in this world. 
Take a breath, pause. Step back, pause. Am I okay? Sit at home wondering why, my body isn't like theirs. My voice isn't like theirs. It's like the world is,
Upon a mirror, I stand Confused and in a daze. I search among the superficial  and find myself amazed. My body is changing, my hips are wide, But I know it's something more.
I hold a flower in my hand It's been with me since I was born Delicate to the eye, soft to the touch Perfect, taintless, lily white As I run and as I play I try to keep my flower clean
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