Big Kid, Big Fingers, Big Fries

I was a little kid, just yesterday

Eating food at my favorite Tex-Mex place

I would sit in the booth as the waiter would say

“Hey sweetie, what would you like today?”


Mini quesadillas would be nice

And your best juice box would suffice

From a smaller menu, for a smaller price

Little kid, little fingers, little fries


Somehow, overnight, I grew two feet

I’m taller, I’m stronger, isn’t that neat?

Did you hear that grumble? Oh, I gotta eat!

If I finish my food, can I get a treat?


I want to go to my favorite place

C’mon, I’m hungry, let’s get on our way

Go, go, go, let’s make it a race! 

Time for some more Tex-Mex today 


I wait in the booth for the waiter to say

“Hey sweetie, what would you like today?”

I wait in the booth with a smile on my face

For the menu with crayons and a maze


But to my complete and utter surprise

I’m handed a menu of a much bigger size

I say it’s a mistake to which the waiter denies

Big kid, big fingers, big fries


She says, “It’s a big menu for a big girl”

So I grab the menu, give it a twirl

Fries that are straight and fries with curls

So many options, I might just hurl


I still don’t know if I heard her right

Can I rewind, back to last night?

Because last night I was smaller in height

Man, I grew at the speed of light


As I look at my life in review

I wish I had known how fast I grew

I’d realize the time is now to pursue

Whatever dreams before away they flew

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