Looking Back

  0.   Light, air, the world itself. All new.

  1. Words have just been spoke, and movements being learned.

  2. Fighting, yelling emotions untamed. A terrible time.

  3. Candies and sugars demanded in droves. Someone has a sweet tooth.

  4. Curiosity comes more naturally these days. Catching fireflies, and watching ants drift about the sand.

  5. The first of many firsts, school began today.

  6. Letters have become more recognizable, and books have begun to read themselves

  7. Zombies run rampant in the jungle of metal and plastic, and the best of friends are made on the playground.

  8. Another language, seemingly old as time, cursive has just been learned.

  9. Wires, needles, lights, a spud, and the science fair feels like magic.

  10. Between addition, subtraction, multiplication, AND division, there's no way math could get any harder!

  11. The last year of elementary school, and things start feel a bit scarier. There's rumors, every class has a different teacher…

  12. A new school, with new people, so many so that they’ve all been split up! Old friends are split, but new friends are made.

  13. Chemicals and formulas are supposed to be memorized, books need to be read, history remembered! Who can even write a four paragraph essay?

  14. Happiness is a drain on the empty soul. Darkness is the only true beauty in this world, but no one understands…

  15. A new school again, but something's different about this one. People here seem…taller…

  16. Freedom gained at last, the road is a blank check, ready for the cashing

  17. Endless nights, blurry daze, sirens and yelling, never an understanding. The wine cabinet wasn’t always locked.

  18. A new time. The end of an era. Once a prison, now a childhood home. Once captors and torturers, now somehow, crying parents and caring teachers. How did it get this way? What happens now? All those years before, there had been a goal.

Someone giving orders.

There had been a definite place in life.

                        But now?


                        Only freedom,     in a world

                                    not so small.

This poem is about: 



A poem I wrote about the transfer between the first 18 years of your life and how to tackle everything else thats going to come


This is a poem I wrote that details out the how the step between first 18 years of someones life and the rest of their life is one of the hardest steps we ever take.

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