She came into herself 

By picking up the pieces of who she once was; 

The pieces she once thought she had to leave behind.


She started with her kindness, 

Often criticized for it.

Her strength and her weakness.


Next was her rebellion.

Ridiculed relentlessly;

A volatile streak others tried to tame.


The sensitivity for which she was chastised, 

Even by the people she held dear.

The same sensitivity that would become a power,

Once she learned how to wield it.  


The physical attributes 

She thought she had to hide,

She embraced and showed off with pride. 


She took all these pieces 

And she sewed herself back together

Like a work of Frankenstein.


And when she finished 

She stood back and marveled, 

At the radiance from within her

In which so brightly shined.


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