It Be Like That

It be like that

You recognize you hear more than you see

That life is fraught with

He said she said

You should be

Unwavering in the face of adversity

Content with you life as you make it

Thankful you get any sugar in your lemonade

You should be


You realize your childhood glee

Has fleeted

Yet somehow it’s comforting to consume a depression or truth

When was the last time you ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Opened up your wii and danced to the shop music,

Who told you to hold yourself in low regard

That you had to work so hard

That you lose sight of that afternoon

You helped your aunt curl the edges of a sweet potato pie

You said one day you’d stay up all night watching the moon

And eat pie crust brushed with butter


You decided how you’d strive to act as a grown up

So, who told you to stop


Who told you to bend you back and cage your heart

Letting it sing a song of promises unfulfilled

You told yourself

"it be like that"

You reconcile with your expectations

You say you’ll learn from you hard earned battle

With whelming days of gray

Overwhelming nights of wide eyed solitude

Craving that pie crust

You lick your lips and you say


It be like that


But only sometimes

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