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winter birds in the deep green forest animated by cold, her eyes stunning through the crowd "I love you." he was amazed, thrilled. herons, pelicans, cranes, thoughts.
Looking into a somber, empty future Bequeathing a speech to a room of strangers Plummeting into an empty abyss.   Becoming a guardian of your psyche Acknowledging the precedence of friendships
Fear, as I’ve found, isn’t worth a damn.     Fear is low sometimes, like on Scuffed elbow Saturdays when
I met her when I was ten She was the stranger at my door. The dog barking at me from across the street. The tree branch knocking on my window in the dark.
  Age 2: Loud noises Age 4: Monsters and ghosts Age 8: My math teacher Age 10:The tallest roller coaster Age 12: Public Speaking
There it was, That shadowy silhouette With its glowing yellow eyes, And tall stature, Always watching, Always waiting, Waiting for the perfect time to strike.  
I am terrified of heights. Not sure how it started, But whenever I reach A certain threshold, I see myself tumbling over the edge
I was thirteen and it didn't seem I couldn't achieve anything. Not one sport or classroom activity, I wasn't the best sports player or test taker. I falied everything. Was I a bad seed or was I just born not to succeed.
Through small eyes and a smaller perception I could see the waters rise Opted out on my own election Couldn't bear the size Waves marking no stagnation Claims of fun are mere lies
I used to see you in the shadows, Smirking devilishly at me with the thought that you could control me. If I dared to show any signs of weakness to you,
There is nothing more that I fear than a burning bridge.   The flames do not scare me, only the gaping abyss.   What I always fail to see
Most people are afraid of spiders or public speaking, Or maybe dark rooms and floor boards creaking, And while these may perhaps be on my list
I'm a ghost with a beating heart You're alive but yours wont start I'm getting worried child please don't leave Because when you die you wont be like me I can keep you safe I swear to it
    have you ever thought  about how many times  the planets regret their orbit 
What is the point of this forsaken life Consumed by darkness, I now see no light I feel no meaning should I grab the knife?These feelings of no value I must fight
To talk of it is easily done, But To feel it coarse through your vein- That is a much harder task, And to the Universe I want to ask: Why am I so crippled? Why am I so blind?
Fear is not what one might expect. It is unpredictable. It is often terrible. However, every now and then, Someone finds a way through it.   To defeat fear is never simple. It takes vigor.
I am Nigerian My birth certificate does not matter to them My Yoruba title does not matter to them Watching Nollywood movies does not matter to them Singing and dancing to Afrobeat music does not matter to them
I stand on the threshold of Adventure. I have written him love letters, Tear-stained, open-hearted, hope letters, But as I hold hands with the unknown   I realize   That I am afraid.  
The hardest thing you can do Is to see yourself Trying to be someone else And you can never be that person Because that person isn’t you
10 months of non-stop self-hatred of my body 10 months of shoving a finger down my throat, just to have this illusion of me having control Over my body weight Constantly being aware of the calories going into my mouth
  i am able to dance with angels when the sky sheds millions of scintillating tears, that illuminate the earth.   i hear their merry laughter-
Sweat dripping legs shaking eyes unfocused words stuttered   Eyes piercing attention on me judging glares laughing scare   That was what I seen
Seasons change and the time flows The clock never stops and time is everlasting But the thing is it never seems like there is enough of it
Old habits die hard, Robert Frost and dying stars, Those are the things that made me.   Cherry blossoms now in bloom begin wilting on the stem.
let’s look at this year. let’s stare into the darkness, festering in the beginning where hope ought to lay. let’s search for a reason
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