A hypothetical

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 08:39 -- milaali



have you ever thought 

about how many times 

the planets regret their orbit 

or if the cold tight air feels more like a hug 

or a strangle 

or a closed door frame at night


have you ever thought about the tightrope 

line at the bottom of the door frame 

the slip of light right before a cold dark door opens

the first sign of life 

the warmth 

a voice behind an unhinged door 


have you ever wondered if venus likes 

the burning 

or if it feels more like 

an unhinged planet 


does she ever want to fall from the sky 


would the sky miss her 

would the moon beg for her light back 

do you think she would care at all

or just focus on enjoying 

the sound of a flame 

slipping through a cold dark canvas


one day on venus is longer 

than an entire year 

imagine 8,760 hours of burning 

or imagine the sound 

of red rock being sliced in half

would you watch it happen 

would you smile 

would it be the best interstellar movie 

you have ever seen

would venus find herself caught between 

the crossfire 

or would she be 

the bullets themselves (held in midair)


does venus ever wish she could smirk 

or cry 

or become breathable 



is she afraid of herself

or does she see her core as just a slip of light 

hanging from a door frame


if she could,

would she change her name 

just to spite any human 

who thought she was beautiful

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