A Helping Hand

Fear is not what one might expect.

It is unpredictable.

It is often terrible.

However, every now and then,

Someone finds a way through it.


To defeat fear is never simple.

It takes vigor.

It takes courage.

And, every now and then,

It takes a helping hand.


I myself have many fears.

Some are quite miniscule.

Some are hard to handle.

Yet, with a helping hand,

I've broken through a few.


I used to always feel alone.

I feared that I would stay that way.

I feared that I'd think that's okay.

But, with a helping hand,

I've conquered my loneliness.


Now, when my fear return,

And they keep me down,

Or they hold me back,

I can tunnel through my mind

And pave my own way out.

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