I was thirteen and it didn't seem I couldn't achieve anything.
Not one sport or classroom activity, I wasn't the best sports player or test taker.
I falied everything. Was I a bad seed or was I just born not to succeed.
Till I got angry with myself and broke myself. Was angry with the world for all it's competition and it's statics.
Then one day my mother couldn't help but say "you need to put that anger away".
My mother bought me some gloves and gave me hug and small tug toward a bag,so I gave that bag everything that I had!
Coaches started watching and seeing.
Once again people wanted to test me, but I was afraid digging another grave of goals that I couldn't hold.
But I had nothing to lose. So I fought, caught as many punches as my face could handle. I barley new what I could do until a sound that gave my opponent a frown, so he stopped and I was still standing and shaking. And new I could take a hit.

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Hope this was entertaining.

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