Peripheral Vision

Seasons change and the time flows

The clock never stops

and time is everlasting

But the thing is it never seems like there is enough of it

Seconds pass and hours seem like a whole lifetime

Things that once seemed small

Are now bigger than the niagara falls

Remnants of childhood hanging on the edge of the sill

The rose colored glasses are hung in the corner

Bills are now the thrills instead of rides

College no longer a dream

This dream has now come to gleam

Steady job and money is what is successful now

Not cleaning the house without being told

Fear engulfs as the future edges closer

October was an adored month

But it has been left and forgotten

17 hangs on to childhood but reaches to adulthood

18 came out of the shadows and stood

Ideas are spilling about and wishing they could run out

When will panic be tamed

Panic is tamed

When future turns to past

And your dreams become reality, alas


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