From Darkness Into Dawn

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 22:35 -- dmcinao

I used to see you in the shadows,

Smirking devilishly at me with the thought that you could control me.

If I dared to show any signs of weakness to you,

I would feel your grip on my shoulders as you whispered you can't and you won't softly into my ear.


Instead of being hindered by you I learned from you.

You begged me to give into my every negative thought and feeling,

But I simply used my thoughts and feelings as a source of power.

Your you can't became my I can.


You still linger around me,

As I know you'll truly never leave.

When I think of you now I remember that you were once my weakness in the shadows,

But now you are my strength in the light.




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