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Gone on you with those OMO’s Young Greenspan, he in macro mode   Made this here with the reserves up in the bank At the Fed Reserve, when they pull up, I print some cash
I am one of over 100 You see You are one of only seven I see Five days a week 45 minutes a day
Though we may not know when, and we may not know how or even why, there always exists a tradeoff in life.
Alternate Logic Land of the free, home of the brave? Until someone doesn't get their way... Land that not even Jesus could save.   Economic stability-the highest crave
Ignorance the vitrue of many to bandwagon, To vote a cause without seeing the unseen consequence,  Like among the many who run in debt with credit transaction, The power is seen as the over-bearing opulence,
Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night, A new morning's beacon begins to ignite, Now dawns a day in which you will see, The people's will has set them free.   For all I want to give this nation,
 You Ask Who/ What Am I I am the girl that will chage thousands minds and make the economy green The girl that will makes sure our comuity is a better place to live
If I could borrow a mind,
My study of Economics may be micro Yet my love for you continues to grow. I know it's wrong, I've watched the news.  This doesn't keep my heart swelling for you. I love your class and also
Can’t you see the class asleep? Open eyes are hard to keep. Stocks, bonds, and companies are complicated, next topic please!
I try so hard, Yet you don't even see. You call me a failure Because I can't get above a C.
I have come to speak today,in a rather crude way,about the prestigious lifeof a college Sophomore.
                                                      Nothing is free in the land of the free.  
  This imperatively imparted knowledge   This so-called apparent benefit to the scholarly mind   -to a decent life   This invisible influence on material happiness  
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