Goddess of Microeconomics


My study of Economics may be micro

Yet my love for you continues to grow.

I know it's wrong, I've watched the news. 

This doesn't keep my heart swelling for you.

I love your class

and also your...smile.

But I do think about you naughtily once in a while.

You're perfect and frankly, we connect

Even when you teach about poverty effects.

Although our relationship would have a negative externality,

If we get caught, my dad's a lawyer, so that'll be free!

Although my classmates disagree,

they do not see the beauty that I see.

I think our relationship would perfect, at the very least great.

And I know you don't believe me, but I swear, I don't care that you're sixty-eight



This is a poem I wrote to describe the love of my life, please don't ask.


My favorite part of the poem is the Shutter Island twist at the end.

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