This imperatively imparted knowledge


This so-called apparent benefit to the scholarly mind


-to a decent life


This invisible influence on material happiness


Golden joy and glittering pleasure


Rotting unsightly ignorance


Dissolving selfless features


It’s praised


Its outline is a bloated, immobile casing


An existence comparable to the queen termite


A being which must be drug from cranny to cranny


To escape just intentions


It feeds and grows and collects its worshipers


Disguises its godless, misshapen expression


As an all-powerful, all-natural science


As if the Lord created coins on the 8th day


And debt for the “selfless sinners” on the 9th


The air not quite inhalable by all


The punishment impending when you fall


The mortar which creates the isolating wall


On one side is a debtor’s jail


Where all good men go when they fail


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