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You May Be Good With LAND... ? But That DOESN’T Mean... That You’re Good With MAN... Or INDEED... WOMAN... !!! Or INDEED Of Course... With... Your Children... !!!
don't you ever just want to throw up at how many people use our belief system to justify their rancid, filthy hate?   i'd give my left arm and right hand to love everyone the way i'm supposed to and
Iceland. I’m pretty relaxed And at the same time Northern lights. High maintenance sweet pea. Face mask.
We are who we are       But we are still all human No matter how vast the world we live in
Societies Belief
Make me look, because I don't want to. Make me see it, because I don't want to. But it's there. Its staring me in the face, and I can't take it anymore. Hate.  Thats it. 
You may Shut me up Break my will, Imprison me, just because you disagree with my beliefs.
Does heaven exist?  Will I exist in heaven if heaven really does exist?  
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
  Bittersweet© by Dee  
guardian angel
Give me freedom or give me death  -That is something I won't say   But take my beliefs and I'll have nothing left     I'd rather you take my possessions instead
In a world dominated by monochrome  Within an institution made to stifle creativity Youthful societies assigned home Of a stark black and white reality
The Experience of Self              By Andrea Spencer   Silver fingers brushing soft pine’s needles -whose frost scrapes and burns this season- into her human hands.  
Entombed inside me is something that is beyond this state of the world, beyond all the reality TV show drama, the sex scandals, the murder-suicides, what a Hollywood starlet wore this week, who got shot and blown up yesterday;
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
Some people are ones, others are zeros and the rest are among the infinity this lies in between them. I am among the infinity. I'm incomplete, yet satisfied
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
I do believe in one God, but sometimes I have my doubts.I do believe in prayer, but it does not have to be said aloud.I do believe in going to Mass, but why particularly on Sundays?
I’ve always wanted to speak out, Except I never really knew how, But with the power of poetry and #YOWO, Maybe my time is now.   I want to clear some things up, Regarding my religion.
I do not wish to say a damn thing to you and your hypocrisy Damnation of existentialism driven by your thoughts of “true” Christianity Scrunched face and squinted eyes
A fairy is real when a child is young, A belief is what that idea is among, Everyone believes in something, Societal change is what beliefs can bring.   Religion is something one cannot escape,
Our bodies are but an illusion to the eye. Its just like magic its an illusion to prevent you from seeing what is actually there. Many of us are led on by what is visible to the naked eye. Faith becomes extinct as we crave proof.
This slave-like mentality, quite simply the reality of our warlike principalities   whose brazen nationality is worn thinly by brutality fledged from personalities
I watched as you, though you never knew, came humbly to this earth asking why, do we live and die and questioned at its worth.
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