Dear Faith

I do believe in one God, but sometimes I have my doubts.
I do believe in prayer, but it does not have to be said aloud.
I do believe in going to Mass, but why particularly on Sundays?
Why do we have to spend an hour being told what to do and what to say?
I do believe that God is everywhere, especially in others and me.
Because one day someone wise once told me, “Go outside and grow tree.”
I do believe that good exists and that evil does too.
I do believe there must be a balance because the world cannot exist without the two.
I do believe in death. It is inevitable and it is peaceful.
I do believe that everyone has a purpose in life – one that they will fulfill.

What will happen when I die? When I die, will I wake? Will I wake up to gates?
Will I start over a new life? Will I wake up in darkness? Will I wake up in flames?
Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? To be honest, I am not sure.
Is there Nirvana? Or reincarnation? Is the afterlife based on our character?
Even though I believe, it does not mean people have to agree.
Each individual has a different view on life. Each has a philosophy.

If someone likes a person of the same gender, who am I to judge?
Because I was raised to believe that the more important part is love.
Why do sex, color, traits, or mindsets determine how we treat each other?
Because I was raised to believe that we are all sisters and brothers.
Is our fate predetermined? Or is it in our own hands?
The truth is so vague and uncertain. It slips through like sand.

Do I believe, because I believe? Or because it is what is embedded in my head?
Should I know more? Should I find God? Or should it all be left unsaid?
You are not set in stone, but my opinions – I am sure.
I believe because I have questions – questions that I yearn for the answers.


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