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You don't need to utter those words I love you to the moon and back. You don't need to tell me I miss you more everyday. You don't need to remind me I care about you so much.
It's not knowing what to do  But knowing it's okay to ask you The power you give me to get out of bed The power to move forward when I know what's ahead It's safety and knowing it's all true  
My mother always told me to be patient She would tell me wait until you’re thirty to get married Then again
Crinkled candy wrappers filling the trashcan, I turn to my right and gaze at your caramel skin. Headphones on, you furiously play your favorite video game Which over time causes my eyes to drift away.
I just want to feel like someone cares about me. It's the little things, like a goodnight or good morning text or a compliment out of nowhere.
“Love” is a powerful word so full of intense emotion and desperate desires. “Love” can mend or break you, healing wounds of the past
Because I love you, I'll always be there when you're down.  You deserve the most beautiful crown. Because I love you, I'll always be your rock, remember when we sat by the dock? Because I love you,
The true feels of a healthy relationship is one that brings out the best in you. They build you up, not bring you down.
I met him on a monday Lockers slamming, talking in our ears My mind a messy place A pallet for an artist Our first date was at the movies
Because I Love You… Because I love you, I won’t search through your belongings Because I love you, I won’t track your every move Because I love you, I won’t force myself onto you
It requires caring, like love needs honesty to grow. We are the seeds of love which need to sprout But only with the right tools, will it flourish and go about.   Soil is how a rose gets nourished
If I could go back to the way it was and fix it all so I never knew I would do it all Because I love you  If I could change the way I felt  and save it all for you  I would do it
Because I Love You   Because you are mine, because you are yours   You've seen me at my worst, and held me true   You've seen me real, I am free   An open book, 
Because I love you   I share with you pour out for you every last hope care and confession joy and obsession   All the beauty and sadness that stirs my soul  
It's new year  A new me! But I still feel the damage  On my skin In my words  In the heartbeat 
Because I Love You “Because I love you,” you say. “Skip class, Because I am more important. Skip meals, To keep your slim figure.
Because I love you I stayed up late listening to your day Because I love you I chased after you when you got mad and walked away Because I love you I spent an entire day watching your favorite show
Because I love you I stayed up late listening to your day Because I love you I chased after you when you got mad and walked away Because I love you I spent an entire day watching your favorite show
I put on my rose-colored lens The day I met him   When the “I love you’s” and “You’re my everything’s” Were clouds covering a dark storm  
When a boy becomes your reason to breathe, it's time to stretch your lungs   You have gone weak in the knees  so much that your legs shake trying to stand on your own  
I ask you about your day and listen to every word you say because I love you, I keep you close and hug you tight because I love you,
Because I love you Means giving up time Means listening well Means a heart that rhymes   Because I love you Means an earlier shower
Because I love you Means asking how your day was Or what you want to eat.   I love you means "I've got you," I'll never let you fall to your feet.   It means something deeper
Because. By Grace Aquino   Because you told me I was beautiful. Because you gave me hope. Because you encouraged me in all my goals.
  I will stand with you though all your life’s seasons Sometimes I won’t know the reason Except, I love you
No one is whole. We all have little bits and pieces of us that are missing and leave us ripped open and exposed. But we find someone and they help us stitch up the wounds and they help us fix ourselves. But you can't do that, don't do that.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not   A thousand miles away a boy sits typing “I love you” The screen is lit for a moment before the response comes
Doing all of these things becuase I love you...   Listening and valuing your opinions because I love you, Respecting and loyalty to you because I love you, Making you feel important and wanted
Because I love you   We wake up to rain smacking the window. I look at you and you at me. In your eyes I find it, Sanctuary.
Love isn't something that can be explained but felt. Love isn't something to take for granted but to cherish. Love is putting someone else's pain and suffering before your own with no hesitation.
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