Because I Love You

Because I love you

Means asking how your day was

Or what you want to eat.


I love you means

"I've got you,"

I'll never let you fall to your feet.


It means something deeper

Than a silly silicon heart can convey,

It means something is moving,

I want to be beside you each and every day.


I love you means

Having you around makes my life worthwhile.


I love you means

You're special to me,

Dear in every way.


I love you means

Taking all my anger, insecurity, and doubt,

Learning to swallow it all somehow,

And finding a way to work this out.


I love you means never quitting,

And learning to not put myself first.

It might have something to do with

That sappy bible verse.


I love you means

Being excited for you

When something goes your way,

Sometimes that will make it

An even better day.


I love you means

Spilled ink and shaky hands,

It means putting my own heart

Into no-man's-land

And hoping to goodness,

That you have a head start.


I love you means a prayer,

"I hope he gets home safe today."


I love you means

Feeling happy when I see you,

Fearless when I am beside you,

And poetic when I am without you.


I love you means

More than a shiny red balloon,

It has something to do with

One heart connecting with another

And magically becoming two.

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