2017 once upon a poem

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Once upon a time, A lovely miller’s daughter Was a victim of the boasts of her father. While he was feeling bold, He told the king she could spin straw into gold!
Once upon a time a lonely girl lived High up in a tower Locked away in false bliss   With hair as long as time and eyes as clear as glass Her heart shone so brightly
Tangled in a situation. Mom wont let me out of the house. Captive in my own little world reading, painting, and cooking. When will my life begin?  
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
Rapunzel, Rapunzel – Don’t let down your hair
"So this is love..."   The thought echoes off the caverns of my mind,as cold and empty as the darkened motel room in whichI am grateful I cannot see  
There once was a girl who lived in the sea. She lived with six sisters and dad, And though she was not sad, She also did not find herself to be happy.  
Cinderella badly wanted to kiss a fella, But her stepmom knew of the prince's "kiss of death." You see, this prince was addicted to mozzarella, And suffered from a severe case of bad breath.
she was wearing her favorite dress that day, the one with all the colors. it shimmered and danced in the light as she twirled with glee. fresh flowers framed her lovely face,
(It was very popular throughout history to use stepmothers as an antagonist and never as a helpful character for many stories, which I feel gives stepmothers’ a bad rap.
I don't have a big dress to wear to the ball  I don't have long hair to watch it fall  I don't have a beast man to be called mine  I have to be home before nine    I don't have a prince to help me twirl 
Once upon a time, In a land far, far away, There was a grand palace by the sea. It was old, and slightly crumbly,
As I gaze upon the stars in the heavens, I began to wish for a dream that's pleasent. A dream that I'm the not-so-strange girl who finds a prince who's not so arrogant and dances in a twirl.
Taken from his mother.He had the power to wishbut with a swishhe was stolen by another.  Raised in isolation,receiving all he needed,with his life, he proceeded. Then there came a realization. The cook who raised himwas wicked and afraid,for the b
The Itsy Bitsy Spider ran up the water spout Down went the sun and up came the moon There goes some clouds and here comes some rain And the Itsy Bitsy Spider was washed out the spout,
“You aren’t listening to me!” Little Red yelled at her mom. “That is not how you are supposed to be! Now make your mother proud and stop trying to leave me.” Big Red yelled back.
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