big bad wolf

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Once upon a time there was a wolf that lived in the forest  Everyone in town knew him and was terrified by his appearance
Little Red A Peculiar girl The Wolf A Monstrous Me The Woods No place for little girls   I was there when she first wandered in The time she met me The Big Bad
Ferocious, savage, ruthless is he. Barbaric, appalling, brash; flee. No mercy needed. He, must be defeated. Chased out by scorn. Enigma born.  Straws to flame. Sticks to sunder.
Once upon a time a wolf attended a school a school that was considered to good for his  kind a school were only rich little pigges could spend time but the wolf was smart and the school let him in 
Mother goat said not to open the door To her seven little goats They did not open the door For the first two times When the wolf came by
It starts with a girl and a wicked pair of shoes That she swiped from her father’s closet. It starts with slicked back hair and a video of Presley Twisting away for the girls who saw it.
Apparently, I am a big bad canine, but that stereotype just ain't mine. I didn't mean to scare those pigs, maybe they shouldn't have made a house out of twigs. I had a cold that day, oh my dismay.
The oft’ omitted sonnet of the Big Bad Wolf By Jacob Z. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways Beauty be found from thy ears to thy hocks
It was pure luck I saw her from far away From the darkness of the brush And I prepare my jaws to crush   Her name was Little Red
In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters. Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter.  One more tournament, one more fight. One last round and they'll be done for life.  
Once upon a time,  She used to live there. Red used to be a  ghetto girl.  Now it was just a memory that made her hair curl.  Red used to love The Wolf, the leader of that gang from long ago. 
We know the story of Red Riding Hood And that lecherous wolf she met in the wood But what if the wolf hadn't wanted a snack? Would Red have been able to find her way back?  
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