The Hood

Little Red

A Peculiar girl

The Wolf

A Monstrous Me

The Woods

No place for little girls


I was there when she first wandered in

The time she met me

The Big Bad

A smile so innocent

A heart so uncorrupted


She disregarded my initial warnings to turn around

Small, yet so adamant

Grandma’s house wasn’t where you’d want to be


Our second 

Revealed my trepidations true

The woods had consumed her

She had grown pale

Her bones fear shaken


She screamed of needles and monsters

Swirling buildings of black and white         

Filled with souls cursed by the same affliction


Street walkers,




This place wasn’t kind to the children

Mothers and Fathers are scarce

Grandmothers were plentiful


Grandmothers would warn of the dangers of the wood

Don't go outside or they might consume you

The addicts

The streetwalkers

The strangers

The wolf


Little Red fell victim just like the rest of them

The wood was a dilapidated wonderland

For the Powerful and the Penniless

The Wolf and the child.

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My family
My community
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