The 3 Little Hoggies

Once upon a time a wolf attended a school

a school that was considered to good for his  kind

a school were only rich little pigges could spend time

but the wolf was smart and the school let him in 

despite the cry of rich dad and moms the wolf was put with thier kin

now 3 little piggies that went to that school picked on the wolf

the 3 little piggies had nice big houses 

but the poor wolf family was forced to live in boxes

even when they picked on him  in school the little wolf worked 

determined to be better then the piggies at which he was irked

and one day he grew so smart that he built a gun that destroyes all it touches

and the little wolf marched right threw the gated community with the gun he now clutches

and stright up to the 3 giant houses 

one by one they burned to the ground

and as the wolf looked upon the ashes he had never felt so proud

This poem is about: 
Our world


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