Lone Wolf

We know the story of Red Riding Hood

And that lecherous wolf she met in the wood

But what if the wolf hadn't wanted a snack?

Would Red have been able to find her way back?


The wolf crept along among bush and tree

As Red stayed on her path humming quietly

When out jumped the wolf to give her a fright

And Little Red and her hood were quick to take flight


The wolf pursued and gave quite a chase

He cornered Red in an unknown place

As for help Little Red began to send

The wolf cried, "please, just be my friend!"


Little Red thought and thought and thought

Maybe the woods weren't so bad a spot

So Red took the wolf in her arms and agreed

And the pair skipped off victoriously


Remember now, if you want to make friends

You just need to ask and your heart will soon mend

If our world joins together in harmony

Like Red and the wolf we can live in safety.

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Our world
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