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Crafting clocks to pass the time, As I can hear the Ocean Tide the cuckoo every time reminds, Midnight exact is when She died   I swim in bottles ev'ry night, Each time I find Her close in sight,
In the Midst of Misunderstanding   They all assume That I am what I’m not. But what can I do, Other than to bear their misunderstood beliefs.   What would they say,
He showed her the world. Shinning, simmering, was it splendid? He asked her where has she come from, Where did she want to go?   The Princess smiled and said “just go.” And so he went,
Once Upon a Poem: a backlit town the story place a girl with shame upon her face   lost from her journey off sunlight roads the daughter hid to bear her load
She is fascinated How shiny and sharp How peculiar Their uses a mystery to her She is fascinated   Up above, how do they move
She is fascinated   How shiny and sharp   How peculiar   Their uses a mystery to her  
Words unknown, tangled in throats And a constant hum in her ears The world is her oyster and she is the sea Trapped in a melody only she can hear Toes curl over the edge Take a deep breath
Since when does one become "evil"? Is it my pride that broods you? Or my age of wisdom and fairness No one Not even my little sister Could ever succeed?  
I am the prince oh how great am I So great I can bestow a kiss to any princess I find My men did come and to the forest we rode Upon being out there a beauty I did see picking berries and practically calling to me
 A poor little tanuki who has done nothing wrong has found himself trapped, but not for long. Here comes an old man, tired and frail coming over to save his tail. Now free and happy as a clam the tanuki ran up to thank the old man. "Thank you, sir
 A poor little tanuki who has done nothing wronghas found himself trapped, but not for long.Here comes an old man, tired and frailcoming over to save his tail.Now free and happy as a clamthe tanuki ran up to thank the old man"Thank you, sir!
Once in a kingdom the no longer exists,  There lived might king and his little princess. He loved her with every ounce in his heart.  A day came about where the king fell ill. His daughter sat beside his bedside.
The "Magic" Carpet,  No more soaring or tumbling, Battery is drained.
Once upon a time  peach trees grew outside my window  green leaves blew in the breeze the view from my balcony  just trees for days, over hills and valleys a sweet scent on the air 
There once was a street rat named Aladdin, Who was crushing on Princess Jasmine, With her pet Raja, And his big tiger paws, He hoped for true love and a companion.   Aladdin met the illustrious genie,
They gave me a name and started writing my story. I was give girly characteristics and made to be a boy's dream girl.
The Boy who has lived For hundred of years Sneaks silently Watching my tears Though I have wept Those secrets well kept
Hair as red as apples snags on branches A basket swings by her side filled with nothing but secrets too naive, too young  Her hand is on the door now too many lies She's pulling back the sheets with a smile
Once upon a time there was a princess Or was it perhaps was it a prince? Give me a second I shall look into my index, Ah yes, here it is, it was nothing but a man.  
Composed with envy atop his brick wall A gust of wind coursing through his veins   Humpty Dumpty sat and pondered, with tears in his eyes as he studied his broken remains  
Once upon a time, Is where you’d like to start But this is no fairytale More of a gleam into the dark. The Glass slippers everyone talks about
Evil Stepfamily They burn my senses killing me slowly from the inside  I see their effects on me Through disorienting lenses  From the world they force me to hide
A young girl, who was kind and true, Lost her mother which left her world askew.   After, her father married a widow that never quite behaved
Alice, oh, Alice, You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are   I break into cold sweats and my pupils dilate Doctor! Doctor! I need my prescription
Her world is split in two And sometimes she can't tell Which is good or which Is a dreadful glitch She can't ever control  Heidi, witch of a town Till the town couldn't take Anymore mutteringAnymore stutteringOf frantic confusion The forest loves
I am not the girl I used to be Crowns, jewels and an emerald sea Used to entice and intrigue my eyes Until I was resorted to swallowing flies.    Now I've learned a trick or two
There lied sweet, little Red Riding Hood Who felt the impulse to see her grandmama She wasdressed in a red cape and held a basket with delicious food Red symbolized her adventure in the mysterious forest
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