Disguised behind Beauty

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 21:42 -- karinlm

I am the prince oh how great am I

So great I can bestow a kiss to any princess I find

My men did come and to the forest we rode

Upon being out there a beauty I did see picking berries and practically calling to me

I didn’t approach for I did not want to cause a scare so I went back to my men as we gathered our dead hare

I got to the palace and could not rid my mind of her face for I dreamed of it for 10 nights and 10 days

I went into town under a disguise hoping to get her out my mind

As I was walking I spotted the beauty again watching a spinstress spin a garment

After seeing her I thought I would need a rest so I returned to the palace and placed my pillow under my head

The next day as I awoke I was given a message that a towns girl was dead ready to be buried

No one knew why she had died but I still went to her burial were all her family cried

When I got there I saw my beauty in a box death came upon her before I got to kiss her lips off

Me being the prince I have my own rules I want to kiss the beauty before she was gone for good

I pushed opened the glass above where she lay

So I bent down and kissed her

And bam she was awake

Aurora was my beauty from days before

I just wish she would love me as I do her

But this was all a ploy for her to be with me

She now rules the kingdom as the king is she

I knew we should have not married she was too nice to actually have a heart

She locked me in the tower where I was forgotten by my lot

My kids became evil because their mother was the same

The one who raised them only

No dad to claim

Though the queen she may be no one will know of her true evil schemes



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