Cinderella Retold

A young girl, who was kind and true,

Lost her mother which left her world askew.


After, her father married a widow that never quite behaved

With two evil daughters with souls that were depraved.


After her father died, Ella became their servant.

For five years, she served with gallant.


One day, the kingdom threw a ball,

That all maidens were invited to, short and tall.


Ella wanted nothing more

Than to dance away her bores.


However, her step-mother did not like her attempts to dance,

So she tore apart her dress, ruining her chance.


However, fate was on her side.

Her fairy godmother fixed her up to look like a bride.


She danced the night away,

And found her prince that day.


When the clock struck midnight,

She ran away in fright.


The prince searched the kingdom, high and low,

And found her locked away in shadows.


The brave girl and the prince married,

But all was not as it seemed.


The prince turned king was abusive and cruel,

So Ella made to change her husband, which proved futile.


She became a shell of the person she used to be,

And made plans to flee.


She escaped the castle without delay,

And this time she would stay away.


Her people took her in,

And taught her how to win.


She learned to hide and fight,

And fought the cruel world with all her might.


Instead of a Queen she was destined to be,

She became an assassin that made abusers plea.


Her king never found his bride in blue,

And he never had a clue


That his kingdom dubbed his lost wife




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