Jealousy: A Vain Curse

Composed with envy atop his brick wall

A gust of wind coursing through his veins


Humpty Dumpty sat and pondered, with tears in his eyes

as he studied his broken remains


In 1803, he recalls of a time

where eggs were thriving in food


But alas, now these humans named, “millennials”

have found a new way to be rude


It all started with butter

that technically wasn’t so, an imposter among dairy alike


And then it was the dragon fruit, with skin so red

which I was surprised to see had no spikes


Lastly, the best “miracle” food all throughout the land

a fruit that pleasured humans from head to toe


The overused, oversold, all too hyped fruit

an expensive, Californian, avocado


Breakfast was never the same, with this confusing edible

a riddle that angered Humpty Dumpty so


As he saw avocado approaching, who smiled and waved

but simply reminded Humpty of his woe


Once avocado disappeared from his line of vision

A single, blue tear was shed


He kicked his right leg from out under himself

and lost balance due to his enormous head


“Why me?”, Humpty screamed as he pled to the sky

Big and blue, like the tears on his face


All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s men

Rushed to Humpty’s aid with haste 


“Dear friend, do me justice and climb down from that wall!”

The king yelled at the solemn man


Humpty considered, and much to his horror

Took it lightly, with a grain of sand


“Why should I, your highness, bow down to your needs,

When you’ve never tried stopping me before?”


“Every day of my life, my heart filled with strife,

I sit atop this wall no matter how sore.”


“My heart is broken, my mind slightly scrambled,

As I sit in the sun and roast.”


“But my mind, far from easy, will never understand,

The concept of avocado on toast!”


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