"A Sweet Taint of Innocence"

There lied sweet, little Red Riding Hood

Who felt the impulse to see her grandmama

She wasdressed in a red cape and held a basket with delicious food

Red symbolized her adventure in the mysterious forest

Where dark secrets and occurrences take place


On the way, the mist colored the darkness of the woods

Up ahead, a black wolf stood around, looking for his own conquest

As sweet, little Red Riding Hood stepped into his direction,

The wolf's eyes gazed at her

And so did her eyes when they felt his presence

They had a friendly conversation

The wolf wondered why a little, sweet girl like her would be roaming in the woods

Red Riding Hood revealed that she was visiting her grandmama

The wolf found that a good reason and allowed her to go further


The wolf was not as nice as he seemed to be

Inside, he was craving for her sweetness and innocence,

A hunger that aroused him,

A hunger that heated his blood,

A hunger that triggered his sadism and bloodlust

She stood out to him like a pure, tasty virgin

With soft, white skin that was never touched by anyone

And with sweet, red blood that was never savored by anymore

The wolf decided to hunt her down,

So that his hunger would be satisfied

With her virginity running down his bloodstream

This leads to the disclosure of her red cape:

Danger and violence with a hint of seduction


The wolf took a shortcut

Luckily, he did not tell her about it

Because he had all the time needed to prepare himself

To do so, he was going to use grandmama as his disguise

The wolf opened the door and grandmama saw him

She was opened with a fright

The wolf gave himself a chuckle,

One that hinted sinister and sly thoughts

He devoured her and took on her clothing

She was tasty, but Red Riding Hood was his eye candy and precious red apple

His saliva trickled down his mouth

As he savored the fact that she was almost there to his beautiful trap,

The trap where he could play with her

And have her all to himself

For now, he waited for her on the bed

While she was taking her time to come


Red Riding Hood finally arrived

Her soft lips formed a crescent moon

Without showing any teeth

Her cheeks were painted in blush red

And her hair stood out well like soft vines

After one look, the wolf was prepared and excited

She called out cutely:

“Grandmama, I'm here!”

Grandmama responded in a husky voice:

“I'm happy to see you, dear! Put the basket down and come to my bed!”


Red Riding Hood obeyed her and went to the bed

The sight of her appearance sparked the wolf again

Red Riding Hood noticed something queer and interesting

She decided to call out to her grandmama:

“Wow, grandmama! What big teeth you have!”

She touched her arm and exclaimed:

“And what furry arms you have!”

Grandmama smiled largely and responded:

“Indeed, sweet child.”

Then, Red Riding Hood said:

“Wow, your voice is very deep and husky.”

Grandmama stood on the bed and revealed:

“That's right, fresh child! Your scent tempts me and I shall eat you up!”

Red Riding Hood flinched and screamed: “Ah! The big, bad wolf!”

The wolf took off grandmama's clothes, licked his lips, and bared his fangs

He pounced off of the bed and chased after Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood ran for her life like a damsel in distress

The wolf caught up with her and went on top of her

He scratched her clothes off, licked her soft skin, and ate her up

He howled in joy as her body pushed through his bloodstream and slept in his stomach


At the same time, the woodcutter was at the tree

His ears took in an ominous sound that put him on high alert

He knew that it was the sound of the wolf

And that he was a dangerous devil that preyed on the innocence of people

He decided to hunt him down to see what was going on with an ax in his hands

His eyes caught the wolf, the pieces of red cloth on the ground, and the blood that stained the ground

His body hardened and was stimulated to kill him

Because he knew what had happened

It was time for him to serve God and destroy the Devil

He took his ax and swung it on the wolf

The wolf howled in pain and he laid still with his eyes closed


The woodcutter opened the wolf's stomach with his ax

He had to see if there was a life in him that he had stolen

The stomach revealed an old woman and a little girl

With a shocked look, he released them from the wolf and laid them down on the ground

To his eyes, a miracle shined on him

The old woman and the little girl opened their eyes

To his astonishment, he saved two lives that were given birth to a new start

The old woman and little girl opened their eyes

They knew what had happened and were grateful to the woodcutter

All of them went back inside the house to cleanse themselves of the blood that had splattered on them

The woodcutter and grandmama got themselves new clothes

Grandmama gave Red Riding Hood a new red cape

At the end, they enjoyed the food in Red Riding Hood's basket


Savoring the sweet food marked happily ever after for all of them

The woodcutter found new friends in the woods

Grandmama appreciated the compan given by the woodcutter and Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood was no longer innocent

She learned that strangers could not be trusted

As for the wolf, he learned that his hunger had killed him

He knew that he would never wake up from the dark dream that he saw

However, the sweetness and warmth that came to him would always stay with him in his eternal sleep

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