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Once I read a poem So boring and old. It consisted of rhymes  And a lesson untold. I analyzed the poem, scrutinizing it with my eyes. Yet the true meaning remained hidden, never to abide.
The sound of growling crawls its way from The dark of the forest, accompanied by Faint, weak cries of hunger. A mother sets forth. “There is no more time. With nearly
Taking a reminiscent trip down memory lane  To the time of my origin from the egg which I came 
Once upon a time, The fish that used to be a prince Wallowed in his watery prison Cursing his incompetence.
Words unknown, tangled in throats And a constant hum in her ears The world is her oyster and she is the sea Trapped in a melody only she can hear Toes curl over the edge Take a deep breath
Once upon a time A little monster didn't like the dark This little monster hid under the bed because he was scared This little monster jumped when he saw his shadow because everyone else did
They really tried to get me to go to the ball "Without you, Cinderella, it won't be fun at all!" "Ha! With my left feet? I'm not interested in that." Then my godmother got interested and next to me she sat.
3 Pigs, all scared like a mouse. So they all decided to build a house. One built it with sticks, The other with bricks, The straw got blown like a blouse.   Poor wolf, he just had a cold.
Once upon a timeThe words we all knowThe stories we were toldWhen we started to growWe all know CinderellaWith her shiny glass shoeAnd Hansel and GretelWho decided to chew
The "Magic" Carpet,  No more soaring or tumbling, Battery is drained.
There once was a street rat named Aladdin, Who was crushing on Princess Jasmine, With her pet Raja, And his big tiger paws, He hoped for true love and a companion.   Aladdin met the illustrious genie,
Dead! My son is dead! My one and only son! I did all I could, but it wasn't enough, Oh! That I could black out the sun!   I can't be alone, so I've made a plan, That girl will bear a child,
Once upon a time -no,
Once upon a time in Wonderland, a kingdom north called Iridia stood tall. The happy rulers gave birth to a girl- who's beauty grew to stand above all.   Her name was Princess Katherine
Once upon a time in a kingdom far away A young princess often went outside to play. She found comfort in the garden by the pond, With her skin fair and her curling hair blond
Hair as red as apples snags on branches A basket swings by her side filled with nothing but secrets too naive, too young  Her hand is on the door now too many lies She's pulling back the sheets with a smile
Once upon a time, Is where you’d like to start But this is no fairytale More of a gleam into the dark. The Glass slippers everyone talks about
I don't know how they found me. I'm not sure I want to be found. My mother taught me to stay away From people from inside the town.   A girl my age I've never seen And a man she clearly loves
Evil Stepfamily They burn my senses killing me slowly from the inside  I see their effects on me Through disorienting lenses  From the world they force me to hide
Once upon a time there was a wolf named Larry but no one knew his name was Larry, not even his mother or his cup of butter Larry was down with a case of the blues so he decided to cause mayhem to all around him
It was not the act but the feeling: Intoxicated by the way feet glided across our small favela, the floor almost as black as my skin.
Rapunzel so beautiful, So delicate, So mystifying. Her hair so long, Long enough to create a wall- Against all- Who dare oppose. She loved to wait upon her window sill,
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful mistress. Her story is cruel; You don't want to miss this.   With a name like Cinderella Can cause quite the mutter. Causing her to isolate herself
She is the girl, hiding her bruises, Gretel's her name;   He is the boy, pretending to be strong, Hansel's his name;   In a small box they lived together
I woke and fell in your arms Has your lips touched mine Never knowing much more Trying to keep us from falling apart 
You know the Cinderella tale, How a peasant became a princess. But do you know what might have happened  If the Fairy Godmother had not appeared? What if Cinderella never went to the ball?
My red hair breezed behind me on my new bicycle I flew down to grandmother's house I went To deliver her favorite stew.   My path was not through the wood but instead through the hood
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