Always, Always, Just Say Yes

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 14:17 -- lgs1398

They really tried to get me to go to the ball

"Without you, Cinderella, it won't be fun at all!"

"Ha! With my left feet? I'm not interested in that."

Then my godmother got interested and next to me she sat.

"Why don't you want to go? I have a dress you could wear."

Unfortunately for me she had even brought it there.

"Go on, try it on, what harm could it do?"

That was right before she brought out those really killer shoes

I tried the dress on-it fit as if I was wearing the wrong size.

But then my sister grabbed her back-up that went perfectly with my eyes.

"There's nothing you can say to convince us that we're wrong

You're going and that's final; you don't have to stay very long."

The shoes, on the other hand, they were a perfect fit.

Gorgeous but I couldn't walk so I just thought that I would sit.

We went to the castle it was really quite divine

They went ahead because they said that I could walk just fine.

I finally made it in, at the top of the staircase. 

Suddenly the music stalled; a spotlight hit my face

This man I saw he was just as handsome as could be

Blue eyes blond hair and a smile that was certainly for me

He ran right up and caught my hand and asked me if I'd dance

I shook my head but then he said "Please give me a chance."

He helped me down, then spun me 'round

Made me feel like I weighed 3 pounds

He caught me and then held me tight

I knew everything would be all right

Then midnight came; "Thank you but I must go"

"Don't leave, please, I beg you, no!"

'Twas a lovely evening; yet I don't know

Why I felt I had to go


I woke up today with a smile on my face

Remembering our last embrace

He kissed me and then told me

His true love I'd always be. 

Then the chimes struck eight, nine, ten

I ran, not knowing if I'd see him again.

A lovely evening, nonetheless,

I'd like to see him, maybe, I guess...

My sisters opened up my door

Then came bounding 'cross the floor.

They asked, excited, what I thought

"He's everything I ever sought."

I told the story-well I started

Saddened 'cause I had departed.

But the doorbell rang-who's that?

Who stands upon the welcome mat?

I opened up the door and there-

The smile, the eyes, and that blond hair-

"My love!" he cried; I had no words to ask

How he had found me; an impossile task.

The shoe I left behind he said

Gave him a jump-start ahead

He found me when he looked around

The shoes left a shimmering trail on the ground. 

Brighter gleamed the glittering glow

As he searched both high and low. 

The closer he got to me, he saw,

Following the path of love- "AWWWWW"

My sisters tumbled from their hiding place

Then teased us, making the kissy face. 

He blushed and asked me if I'd go-

"With you? Anywhere, you know."

That is how it all began

My perfect life with my perfect man. 

So when your two left feet keep you from a dance-

Go anyways, and give your happy ending a chance.

They say that fairy tales are make believe

But that's just what unbelievers see. 

The truth is who you are inside

Is a princess, and that's no lie. 

Forget the choices that may make a mess;

And always, always, just say yes. 






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