Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time,

There was a beautiful mistress.

Her story is cruel;

You don't want to miss this.


With a name like Cinderella

Can cause quite the mutter.

Causing her to isolate herself

And to develop a stutter.


"W-w-why do you tease me,"

She would ask her step-mother.

But she would only wave her away,

Calling her a bother.


Seventeen years old,

Never having experienced true love,

Cinderella began to wonder

If she ever would.


Then came a day that she would never forget.

Prince Charming had sent out a list,

And on this list were a series of names,

Her family's name was not amiss.


Cinderella's heart swelled.

Could it be true?

Is this the day she would find her love,

And if so, who?


She began to get ready,

Designing her dress.

She bought a cute bow

In hopes to impress.


Her step-mother scoffed,

Making her glum.

"Do you think you look pretty;

You're more like a plum."


Cinderella cried,

Tears shedding down her face.

She watched her step-mother leave

In a flurry of lace.


Her face puffy and red,

Cinderella examined herself.

She realized all her flaws,

"I look like an elf."


Her ears too pointed,

Her lips too small.

Her stomach protruded

and she wasn't tall.


But something inside her began to arouse.

"My true love won't mind my flaws,"

She began to think.

And she was off to the ball without a pause.


Finally, she made it

Her dress still in tact. 

Her self-esteem was flourishing,

Self-doubt she lacked.


Everyone stopped and stared,

Yet Cinderella didn't seem to notice.

All she could fix on was finding her love,

And she wouldn't lose focus.


Prince Charming came to greet his guest,

Swooping her into an embrace.

"You by far are the prettiest woman.

Would you like to dance?"


Before she could answer she was flying around,

The floor swirling under her feet.

Prince Charming flashed her a smile,

Never seeming to miss a beat.


Songs came and went,

And Cinderella soon became tired.

"Miss, are you okay,"

The Prince enquired.


"I'm fine, I'm fine,"

She persuaded.

It was then that she knew,

Prince Charming was to be her bewedded.


Alas, I would like to say

That these two love birds lived happily ever after.

But the world doesn't work like a fairy tale,

And marriage is no laughing matter.


Cinderella and Prince Charming,

Together no more.

But at least they both knew

That their love was a chore.


Divorce is not to be taken sadily;

It is really a blessing.

It's not the death of a love,

But the end of a suffering.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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