'Inner Strength'

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remember when you are feeling lost, and you feel like there is nowhere left to turn,  when you whisper,  and your echo rings back to you, you will feel my love for you.  feel my skin, feel my touch, 
Strengthen my mind to accept and understand your Word. Give peace of mind to my soul. Strengthen my heart to internalize and believe in your Word. Put conviction in my spirit. 
Strength comes in many forms.    Resilience;  Getting swept away with the current  Trusting that smooth sailing is ahead.    Leadership;  Knowing when to step up 
The strongest man in the world is not the strongest by strength,  but is the strongest by having the strength to cry.
When I was a child I tried to live in a dome, I couldn’t fathom the convoluted questions of life, I placed myself inside a pretty pink bubble, Where only happiness, peace, and butterflies live,
I used to be          weak.  But now I am         strong. I was          angry,         frustrated,         defeated.   But you helped me          to prevail
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
She is a warrior with a crown.
I've never minded being alone. It's been a fact since my birth My father wasn't there, though I try to keep that from lessening my worth Mom works hard, my new Dad does too
What did poetry do? Poetry was the thing that picked me up, kept me going. Here is my poem.
How can the absence of this band represent my life? Now it is so easy to throw Loud is each blow Somehow they are so low Now I tremble and kneel slow Somehow within it feels like a ridgid knife
Hey You've done well To make it to this point But it's not over yet.   The nightingale must  not stop singing.   Be Strong when  Mother tells you
Dear Failure, My precious frienemy who teaches me copious lessons and A Force that pushes me to my lowest points, Pain comes with each experience with you But your lessons are the sweetest.
Dear Mind,   Look at you a cacophony of noise. Constant yet... forever changing. A squall of color that finds solace in the lack of it,
Forever... Pain seems like a beautiful concept, as I sit contemplating your demise. I gazed into eyes constantly deceitful in nature, I guess that would explain you ignorant behavior.
In my movie the world seems perfect No violence, no sadness, no discrepancies to detect But then as time fades and life grows The protagonist cowers as the antagonist shows
My mother,  a true Caco women, a wingless butterfly who flew to New York without her skin. She who once stood under a flaming red tree stepped back and let go of me. She lost her father,
Half our lives we spend in the darkness, The other half we are blinded by the light, All part of what ever god you follow plan, Some spend longer in the dark, as it keeps them safe, Where there others who prefer to stay in the warmth of the light
Let me speak the truth of this heart, That no one wants, To see, touch, or feel its true intentions, Of not lust that fulfills most sapiens,
Don't trust the shadows. At times they can be your only friends you have, but they can also be the sharpest of knives to your back. I once shared everything with my shadows.
Living in a world full of poverty Living in a world trying to find my destiny. Living in this world, I’m ready for the fight Fight, yes the fight? But do I have all the strength?
Beaten downthrown to the groundcovered in bloodCuts run deepCan barely sleepThe tormentors haunt you
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