Dear Failure

Dear Failure,

My precious frienemy who teaches me copious lessons and

A Force that pushes me to my lowest points,

Pain comes with each experience with you

But your lessons are the sweetest.

All the chances to escape but, you find a way to make a stay in my life

All the times I must stay strong and never quit

All the moments to never let you take control of me

So, I must fight back and learn from my mistakes

But at the end, you make me better

I must not let you win

Choosing to overcome you causes me to grow like a plant in a darken room

I choose to overcome you to see the light and reach my full potential

I have the power to choose how you affect me and that is the beauty of you, Failure

You are a force that separates those who want to be great to those who are great

And thanks to you I see my path.

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