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The air is cool and inviting The mosquitoes suck at my succulent skin Rejoicing at the soft and limber limbs I possess Streetlights illuminate my smile As I witness a young child snoozing in a stroller
somewhere i can hear her singing still.‘new york i love you but you’re bringing me down’new york is always bringing someone down.someone taking the train to the end of the line
The yang to my yin.The devil on my shoulder that instigates my romantic sins.From the right angle it’s obvious you’re an angel.The glow of your halo more glorious than a rainbow.We both carry our load through thistreacherous and bumpy relationship
Where I’m from by : Bria Baptiste   I am from the small kitchens From the soulful sounds of the urban And the colorful playgrounds  
As an immigrant, my voice was stifled. Spanish? Unacceptable English? Complicated   I precariously discovered Hip-Hop culture, Eminem, Biggie and Pac, you can only imagine the shock.
I'm not like them But I mean well My pockets are empty  My Skin is Black My Morale is low But my GPA is high My hearts full of love
It's growing. Bigger, nastier, uglier. And it's sore as hell. I dived head first into a brown bottle, even had ice but, it still continued to swell. Self medicating, personal antidotes,
Somewhere beyond the rainbow Beyond where streets are paved in gold Beyond where freedom’s gospel is quoted in stone
I remember every time I walked by this house my
I am lusting after the red melon green lights making amber on your skin
The perfect skyline Promises all the mystery and beauty
Coney Island   I just wanna go to Coney Island  I wanna ride the Ferris wheel With our fingers interlocked Gazing into each others' eyes Like they do in the movies
Hard to sleep in my city 
What is the connection When around the melanin Feels electric communication   i feel his pain though he does not speak i feel her envy though she smiles sweet  
They say home is where the heart is My heart has always been with me Until that day Until that moment
I'm a 17 year old girl from Brooklyn. When I tell people that I don't say it with a smile. Instead I frown. I look down at the ground that I walk on everyday in Brooklyn I fear for my generation
I was always fascinated by the universe of New York and all the stars that hailed from its solar system but Brooklyn was a bitter taste that was hard to swallow.
brooklyn boys in wifebeaters who smell like ivory soap and talk like their dads go to jersey in the summer to meet girls from the shore who smell like irish spring and live on the water
why do I write? well, why do birds fly? why do fish swim? not just because it's an essential method of transportation. because its an escape an escape from the deadly locks of their predators
If it weren't for this pen you probably wouldn't even know my name. It's saved my life so many times When I thought no one was listening On those days when I felt like the world was bearing down on my shoulders
“It’s really cold out here” she uttered in the bitterness of the Brooklyn night; and at first it was meant to be merely a stark statement, a quiet observation; something to crack open
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