Where I'm From

Where I’m from

by : Bria Baptiste


I am from the small kitchens

From the soulful sounds of the urban

And the colorful playgrounds


I’m from the arroz con pollo

From the small apartment buildings

From the large family

From the too louds and the too lows

I’m from the bustling sounds of city


I’m from the blue eyes of my great grandmother

To the small smile my cousin’s face would hold

Grandma’s is soul floating in sky

Lying adrift the clouds

I’m from the sweet and sour sounds of Crown Heights

The constant hustle and bustle

The brothers giving daps and the sisters sittin’ in their laps

From the eye rollers to the shrugged shoulders

From the I could’ve to ya

But most of all I’m from my mothers womb

a living imprint of my parents joyous creation

A gift that only god can give

I’m from the city of dreams

Maybe even the city of nightmares

From the land where we spit bars for a living

Where brothers try to provide for their kin

While the sisters give the eye roll to their misters

From the land where we got brothers from another mother and sisters from a different mister.

Form a land where black empowerment is key.

Where no kid is left behind

I’m from the city of dreams


This poem is about: 
My family


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