Beyond the rainbow (After Saroya Marsh)

Somewhere beyond the rainbow

Beyond where streets are paved in gold

Beyond where freedom’s gospel is quoted in stone

There is a slavery song being sung against the bedside of a black boy

A storybook tale of the Little Engine that could turn martyr

Because his metal looked more of the soot he breathed out than the ivory

Of his cargo


Over this rainbow,

Beyond the bridge skyline horizon of

Cobblestone and black slave blood stain remains

Bones and chain relic hidden underneath

Wall Street’s stock market

And overseers with whips and guns still making change out these souls


To live in a city built off the backs of blacks

Where our daughters are taught to hate their black

Where our sons learn the art of war and rule with fear

To steal

To murder

To become puppet of a systematic master pulling their strings from

Their ancestors

They grow up confused


Beyond the rainbow being seen far past the project buildings

The apartment complexes

Screeching tires of patty wagons

Flashing lights

The wall

“Stand against the wall”

“Keep your hands up”

“He’s reaching, He’s got a weapon”

The gunshot wound that was felt by his mother

The graduation picture smile hung behind street light

And Candles

And the media will call him thug before child

Before son

Before scholar

But another thug nigga who caused his own death

And there was no weapon to be found

But an empty wallet and house keys…


I heard somewhere over the rainbow

Beyond the bridge

Beyond Wall Street

Beyond Brooklyn

Beyond the genocide skyline

Black boys will float in white

Balled up fist

Being lifted above shoulder

Smiling over loved ones

Whispering in their ears

“Here, I am finally free…”

But all they will hear is the wind blowing

While the slow singing and flower brining commences

With our son’s murders run free

Smiling …


In our faces…


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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