My First Love


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If it weren't for this pen you probably wouldn't even know my name.

It's saved my life so many times

When I thought no one was listening

On those days when I felt like the world was bearing down on my shoulders

When I was tired of being strong and just needed a good cry,

It was my release.


Whether I achieved something great

Or just let my imagination run away with me

It has always been a close friend.

When people treated me like I was invisible.

Like my voice didn't matter

Every time I put pen to paper

I proved them wrong.


I didn't choose this gift,

The words just sort of found me.

Ever since I wrote about Martin Luther's Dream in 2nd grade,

I've been hooked.

My journey documented.

One step at a time.


From the carefree days of Candyland to the grown woman game of LIFE,.

Adventures, successes, failures and everything in between.

I gave poetry my whole heart, In the hopes that it would love me back.


I write because no one's going to tell my story 

Even if I find a piece of me in yours.

The beautiful thing about poetry is that it has no rules.

The possibilities are endless.


I encourage every one to find that "thing"that makes you feel happiest

That thing that taps into who you are

Poetry has been that for me

And I will never be the same again.



Thank you so much for sending this in, Jasee912! This just described so beautifully what poetry means to us! And I couldn't have said it better myself! It's absolutely beautiful! There are a few errors, like your double "for this" in the first line, that can be fixed with a quick run through but otherwise it doesn't distract from the message of your piece.



Thanks so much! I appreciate it. 

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