2017 My Year in Poetry Scholarship

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Events passed by like a car on the highway, Loss of words kept me from catching up. Everything I did was a mistake, And lack of confidence made it a vicious cycle to cut.  
I'm turning sixteen, Feels like a dream, Just yesterday it seemed, That I was a sweet little girl, With flawless blonde curls, Who loved to sing and dance and twirl,
At this point last year My family was a wreck (no pun intended). My brother had got hit By a car flying down the road
Dear Hamlet Your depressing dark shade of outfit disgusts me Your scripted madness and loneliness mocks me Your juvenile stubbornness irritates me Your sharp wits and foul mouth angers me
Eyes closed and blind  Never seeing the truth behind identity  Hidden behind lies in order to fit in  A message on the internet  Irrelevant to anyone else that might see 
In the length of open heart surgery My own began to fail
Fleeting Was the year of tremendous adjustment. The end of an era, Makes room for new excitement. Adventures and challenges, Consume our minds and our time. Tomorrow is now yesterday,
I didn’t blink for an entire year. I taped my eyelids to my brows and suffered so that My sixteenth year wouldn’t be in vain.
years of my life viewing Washington Blvd. from a car- a sweaty bear upon the bathroom that I drew murals upon uninvasive species propogated for nothing
A beginning. New life, bright lights. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. A brand new life, a newfound cry, I hold you close. I watch you grow.   You are my flower, my favorite joy.
Stop   Breathe   Relax   Breathe   You are alive.   Don’t give up.  
They say it's normal to be in pain but nothing about the sleepless nights, feelings of heartbreak, constant clouds of thoughts burning my brain  
take them off no why? just do it okay and so i do it   i do it i don't want to but i do it
A blur across my face What I can't differentiate. Many breakdowns, the epiphany of age Realization this is high school's last page. Pictures there for me to see I will remember this cup of tea. 
This year I was set in motion,I was shipped across never-ending landsWith cloth over my eyes And my arms and legs wrapped in ties,I was taken. Taken from what I call home What I call my sense of self. 
A text, yes.  Three words to start it off.  "David Bowie Died." A morning of mourning A friend says "I don't want to talk about it.". I cannot say for certain whether artists hold up the sky. 
If who I was a year ago Was to be compared to myself today Who I was Was molten, Floating on this hot air Of still having time to hover Suspended in liquid potential Free from molding myself
    A teenager nervous about which career path to choose took Biology, Anatomy and Physiology and had some breakthroughs. Decided to study genes, DNA and heredity
If last year The dreaded 2016 that everyone treats as a beast, is a story Then the beginning would be January This poem, by that extension, is my rendition of this story
I take a step back. I look over my shoulder. A distant past. A world that just might’ve been colder.   I hesitate.
I talk to you from far away While you wait far away You are a distant thought Yet an intense memory You are always there
A year ago, maybe two or three I wasn't sure of myself Or if my goals in life would be guarantee I'm young and full of hope Yet, I bet I can mail you all my insecurities in a big envelope
Color That was all it took A simple pallet Thin, once clean brushes And a blank canvas A new hobby A new beginning That was all it took   The Red covers of spiral notebooks
All I want is to speak, but I am afraid what you’ll think of my voice Instead, I reside to the shadows where I may speak without regret
here you are. sitting on the cold sand the smell reminding you of  the solid aster your father brought your mother.   you didn't know you'd make it down this winding road 
Time is a peculiar thing. Units of time are always the same, But isn’t it funny how some years feel longer than others. Objectively they aren’t, But I’m not objective. And so it is,
i start outsmall. it's like this:little boy tells me he can’t touchmy lips through the blueplastic on top. i freeze mysugar in a dark room andno one can get in--the babiescome out screaming for their
As seasons change, so too, do I. As the five yields to the six, a bell tolls, Somewhere, for no one but for me. I digress.  
2016 was gone so fast, I couldn't believe it was in the past. In the beginning school had me feeling blue, Especially because I had to stay past two. Graduation day came and it was a big deal,
Accepted into college, oh the reliefApplying to all these schools, oh good grief In a car on my own, the freedom is a rushDriving with my mom, was that a curb I just “brushed”? Spending time with my friends, studying and homework are lightCrushed
I thought I knew who I was, As every average American teenager does. Actually, it turns out, I have a lot of things still floating about.  
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