In the Eye of the Beholder

take them off


why? just do it


and so i do it


i do it

i don't want to but i do it

i become forever changed

in their eyes

but really it's my eyes


i can taste the curiosity in the air

feel the gazes of

the young the old the in between

whenever i take my mask off

and so i never do


to be normal

to experience normal

i want to feel at ease when

i am myself

when i am naked


i can't open my eyes but

in the clamor of the scrubs

and in the blinding whiteness

maybe i don't want to

maybe i don't want to see myself


they check my eyes

my knees my hands my tubes

but they don't check

the exuberant turmoil

of my mind


wheelchair, rolling, maneuvering

i am but a pawn

a baby fresh out the womb

i don't know where i don't know how

i got here


mom helping me out

mom helping me up

mom helping me in

mom, if there's an apocalypse

save all the dogs


we stop

it is bright and then

it is not

i unfurl and release

my captors from their duties


public bathroom

don't leave me alone

i want to lock the door


i need to get to you if you fall


bright light again

man passes

do you need help?

no, we're fine, thank you

but do we need help?


i know the answer now

i am who i am

you can call green blue

but it is still green

and so am i


i can see the same

and i can see differently

and i can see my mind

because now i know

who instead of what


take them off


why? just do it


because it's not me








*Image Art is by Emmanuel Turner

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