You'll see, I'm still me

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 15:31 -- mtruiz

A year ago, maybe two or three

I wasn't sure of myself

Or if my goals in life would be guarantee

I'm young and full of hope

Yet, I bet

I can mail you all my insecurities in a big envelope

There was doubt and stress

Felt like a drought with all the unpleasantness

Heck I'm not the best at writing,

Why am I even trying?

I was weak and vulnerable

Truly I was

Bleak and unrecognizable

I was there

But now I'm here

And now I know

I can go anywhere

Don't you see

I'm me

A year ago, even two or tree

I'm not the same person

I can agree

I've grown and experienced

Now you can really see the difference

I was there

And now I'm here

Even in a year, maybe two or three

I won't be the same person

You'll see.

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