Was the year of tremendous adjustment.

The end of an era,

Makes room for new excitement.

Adventures and challenges,

Consume our minds and our time.

Tomorrow is now yesterday,

Since last month has been a lifetime.


This long, winding year,

Paved my mind with a message.

Such a lesson brought wisdom,

And proved to be a blessing.


 “Time is a thief,”

As many broken ones ache.

But as said better in Wonderland,

“Time gives before it takes.”

So realize when it gives,

Indulge what others have forsaken.

Learn how to savor the gift,

Before such is taken.


Now is your life.

Accept that no time is perfect.

Stop waiting for that crowning moment,

It’s only what you make it.


Live fiercely

And poetically.

Live for yourself,


Live right here,

Live right now,

And I promise happiness will find you,

Someway and somehow.

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