'family' 'self' 'reflection'

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Pieces of me lay in fours Three girls one boy In case you haven't guessed it I'm a mom Single with battle scars Pieces of me are in three A sister two brothers
Simon Says   As A Small Seed I Admired Daddy   Daddy Was My Heart and Joy   As My Roots Start To Spread He Saw Something Different In Me  
There was a barrier between me and my goals And I had crossed an inevitable bridge to self doubt  It created an illusion that the weight of the world
Your actions have not gone unnoticed Nor your tears and prayers taken for granted Your sacrifices, encouragement, and love shaped me Into the strong independent woman I am soon to become
Match strikes box Friction becomes flame Slowly, steadily The hand stretches to reach its goal.   1920s, New York A young woman,
Dear Little Madi,  
Because I love you I will let you go Because I love you I have to go down another Path What we have is toxic What we need is space We cannot relate So I rather deflate the Tension
Important  Single-minded desire To feel value  To be of value  Counting every flaw Every little thing To tell myself  I'm not worth anything Is it delusions?  Is it lies? 
I know who I am For better or for worse Sometimes it is a blessing At others it's a curse   If I am me and you are you Then who could that be over there Standing in my place
It wasn't always "Once upon a time", Things just moved into place. First it was, "In the beginning", And everything began at a steady pace.   Once upon a time, It was just always family.
We're bound for somethin', That's all I could think. Sometimes I felt the urge to die. But I was saved by self pride. If I go out, I'm going out like a man. With my fist held out high,
Hope Springs A New
Hope springs a new we have bitten off more then we could chew Traveled through portals of vast domain to a magical kingdom by the sea Tranquility A fairy climbed up a tree lonely hobbits
Determination,  It's the driving force that lies deep within my soul.  There is only one goal, success. Two jobs and a full time student, overwhelmed with stress.
Love it. Love how solid the ground is underneath you. Eat it- Drink it- The air that blankets around you. Never let it go-
You pay the bills Relieve me when I have the chills I appreciate everything you do, Without you, I wouldn’t being wearing at least one shoe.  
Sometimes it’s like rain. It collects in the sky, with dark clouds gathering, Looming above you. You notice it, acknowledge it And feel it when it comes,
I am from do the dishes and get your homework donefrom stay in the yard where I can see youI am from the neat, organized rooms surrounding meHope, comfort, and happiness
As I lie still my mind says "move" but my body says "snooze" Negotiations begin and its decided that another 2 won't make the GPA bruise But 2 passes, and now 4, and soon 10
Have you ever felt inadequate, like you'll never amount to  anything, like you'll never accomplish your goals, like the people who tell you you'll only amount to nothing are actually right.That maybe, just maybe, they're telling you the
Goals.  I have a goal to accomplish I have a future to brighten  Sit in bed and be lazy? Not one chance I want to be successful  I want to make my mark I look in the mirror and tell myself 
Look Look into the Mirror Do you see your papa's eyes- or perhaps you're mama's smile? You're not at all ugly. In fact, you're lucky. When I look I have nothing
A normal day for me Keep walking straight for me Eyes on the ground Not looking around.   Friends; I got none I don't need anyone I just got myself Don't need no one else.  
Southern Summers in knee high grasses is where I’se been forever Sun shone over the lake in Cousin Cadance’s backward A lake spread cross oceans to a worlds that I’se never know
  “It’s beautiful out here.”   I look up at Pawpaw “What do ya mean?”   Pawpaw looks down
In my head I was scared, in my feet there was pain, in my soul there was absence. The year 2014 brought my heart 6ft under. It was the year I honestly wonder why is my family so fake and always against me.
I've seen you before.  You used to sit on the porch of your grandpa's house.  You used to eat Zingers on days end.  You were so happy and didn't realize when to really be sad. 
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