Where dey say mi from

I am from do the dishes and get your homework done
from stay in the yard where I can see you
I am from the neat, organized rooms surrounding me
Hope, comfort, and happiness
I am from a queit community that watches out for me
the place where I can always feel safe and free
going to bloom like the trees around me
as if they were apart of me

I am from where you are who you are because what you make for yourself
Not what others do for you
from morals and discipline
I am from becoming the person I want to be
I am from a rocky foundation
but that doesn't define me
I am from you stay here
and me over there

I'm from do what I say
and don't argue back
I'm from being allowed to play
and not be pushed away because I'm black
I'm from being accepted for who I am
and not for what I look liek
I'm from a city that's quiet
and sometimes loud

I'm from a place that's restless
from a place that's like me
From the people that feel just like me
I'm from the place full of hardworking people like me
I'm from the birds that sing
and the trees that blow gracefully
I'm from the moments where I am me
From the awards that show who I'm going to be

I'm from a place where I can make whatever
I want to eat
From a place where I can wear what I want
From a place where I can be as loud as I want to


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